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Abstract submission
ISAE East-West Central joint regional meeting 2024

Abstract submission is open from 6 March and closes 27 March at 17:00 h CET. Please prepare your abstract in line with the guidelines below. All abstracts will be subject to blinded peer-review. Accepted abstracts receive the possibility to give a presentation and are included in the conference proceedings. Presenters must be registered for the congress before abstracts will finally be accepted.

Abstract Guidelines

For the abstract we follow the guidelines of the ISAE:

  • Abstracts on topics that do not fit within the scope of the ISAE and the conference theme or that do not comply with the standards will not be accepted.

  • Each presenting author may present only one paper

  • Abstracts must not exceed 3000 keystrokes (including spaces) in length, excluding title, names and affiliation

  • The first name of authors, not just initials, should be given.

  • Abstracts must contain a clear statement of the purpose of the work, the methods used, the results, and conclusions. Results should be presented in sufficient detail to support the conclusions drawn.

  • A statement by which authors must confirm that the work described in the abstract conforms with the ISAE Ethical Guidelines.

  • Ordinarily references are not cited in abstracts, however, if given, they should be placed in the text of the abstract in the following format: (Jones & Swanson, Appl. Anim. Ethol. 14:23, 1980).

Wild Horses
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