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Research Network

One aim of the ISAE East Cental region is to connect researchers in this region who are working on applied ethology and related topics such as animal behaviour and animal welfare. In order to make networking more accessible, you can here find brief information about regional researchers (members and non-members). ** To add your own short profile, fill in the text box below. **


Dr. Radka Šárová

ISAE Regional Secretary

Department of Ethology
Institute of Animal Science
Prague ­ Uhrineves, Czech Republic

Research interests:

Cattle behaviour and welfare

sarova.radka <at>


ISAE Country Liaison - Slovenia
University of Ljubljana

Biotechnical faculty, Department of Animal Science

Research interests:

pig behaviour and welfare

Manja.ZupanSemrov <at>

irene1 crop.jpg

Dr. Irene Camerlink

ISAE Senior Editor

Institute of Animal Genetics and Biotechnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Jastrzebiec, Poland

Research interests:

pig behaviour and welfare

i.camerlink <at>

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